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My name is Jeanne Hulliska and I own and operate Equizen. I’ve been a fitness fanatic ever since I can recall . When I was sixteen, I became a certified aerobics instructor and I’ve worked with muscles ever since.

I’m still very active with exercise and I know how tight we can get when our bodies  aren’t working properly. 


I worked with people for years helping with muscle recovery however when my daughter and I began English riding lessons I met a very sweet horse  and I fell madly in love. I started thinking of ways I could better serve these animals like I do with people. So I decided to go to equine sports massage school and the rest is history.

I utilize massage therapy combined with other modalities to insure the best possible outcome for each individual horse. I added PEMF a few years back and I’ve been so impressed with the results. I’ve now added more equipment and certifications in this field due to its amazing impact on injuries, muscle health, bone health and recovery of muscles.  



Jeanne Huliska


  • Certified Equine sports massage therapist 
    Equissage, Ca ESMT
    Completed advanced course

  • Certified PEMF practitioner
    Certified through AOPP

  • Member AOPP

  • Fascia and Kt taping

  • Masterson method massage

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