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I accept nearly all major forms of digital payment.
I accept nearly all major forms of digital payment.


Try it with no obligation. If you love it, this will be your
horse’s first treatment. If not, it’s on us!

Mane Attraction:

Treat your horse to a spa day that will keep him in peak condition. He will get whatever he needs from a certified practitioner: weekly sessions of PEMF, full-body equine sports massage and fascia work tailored to his specific needs. Also, insightful feedback from your horse’s session including suggestions, tips, and advice. For best results, I highly recommend this subscription for maintenance, show prep, and recovery,

$150.00 Per Month for 4 Sessions


A single session that provides an all over deep tissue equine massage and PEMF to rejuvenate your horse's mind, body, and spirit.

     $125.00 Per Session

Equi-KT Taping:

A physiotherapy treatment that uses elastic tape to support and enhance the natural healing process of your horse's muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments.


$25.00 Per Area

Custom Services:

Services range in price from

 and are based on the client's needs.

Contact us for a customized service list and ask about our group discounts and package rates!

Hoof Beats:

A single session that focuses on your horse's feet and legs.  Using a specialized large mat designed to deliver PEMF directly into the hoof, this treatment will help relieve inflammation, soreness, and promote hoof growth  just in time for your horse's next farrier appointment.

$60.00 Per Session


Healing Halo:

RevitaVet Poll Cap infrared therapy promotes relaxation and healing in the poll area, reduces inflammation and swelling, and enhances lymphatic drainage.


$25.00 Per Session



     Please download the Equizen Intake Form, complete it and                              email it back to us at

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