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Proudly serving Coto de Caza Equestrian Center, Rancho Sierra Vista, San Juan Capistrano Equestrian Center, Santiago Canyon Equestrian Center, Anaheim Saddle Club and the Back Bay.


PEMF therapy, a non-invasive treatment using pulsed electromagnetic fields, stimulates cell function, blood flow, and healing in your horse's body. It can reduce inflammation, pain, swelling, soreness, and fatigue. We utilize PulsePEMF's cutting-edge equipment to achieve superior results. With over 16 certifications, I have undergone rigorous training to tailor PEMF therapy to your horse's specific needs. This personalized approach, combined with PulsePEMF's superior technology, sets us apart and delivers transformative results. 



Massage can improve your horse’s circulation, muscle tone, and range of motion. Whether your horse is a competitive athlete or a beloved companion, I can tailor my massage to suit their needs and preferences.



Fascia work is a manual therapy that focuses on releasing restrictions and adhesions in the horse’s fascia, which is a connective tissue that surrounds and supports every structure in the body.



Kinesiology tape is an elastic, breathable, therapeutic tape that can specifically target sore areas and injured muscles.


Bodywork is not always an instant fix, especially for long-standing issues.  It may take multiple sessions to create the improvement your horse needs to function at his best. That being said, you will notice changes the next day.  It's important to take note of these changes even if they are subtle. Some of the changes to look for are:

Your horse may feel very good following his session, you may notice an increase in his range of motion as well as his energy level. 

Your horse may be more at ease due to the release of endorphins and tension.

Due to the release of toxins, your horse might be slightly sore or achy for a couple of days.

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ReVita Poll Cap

A cutting-edge therapeutic device that promotes healing, reduces inflammation, and relieves pain using infrared light therapy to stimulate cell regeneration.

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