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Eventing Trainer Meagan Mclver

Eventing Trainer Megan McIver says, “I have been an eventing trainer and competitor for many years and have never come across someone with so much talent and quality as Jeanne. Jeanne goes above and beyond in everything she does. She points out things with my horses I would never catch without her and has multiple times dropped everything to support my horses either before or after a big competition. I know i would not be where I am today without Jeanne on my team making my horses perform their very best all the time.”


“I have two hunter jumpers that received fascia work, massage, and PEMF sessions from Jeanne Huliska at Equizen.  I was amazed by the difference it made in them in every way!  They had increased mobility, flexibility, and they were content after each session and they kept getting better.  Jeanne is so kind and I was impressed with her depth of knowledge about horse physiology and equine wellness.  She also shows genuine care and compassion for my horses and all the horses she works with.  Jeanne's prices are very reasonable and worth every penny.  I highly recommend Equizen  to anyone who wants to give their horse the best care possible!”


"Thank you Jeanne for your time, loving energy and support.  When medication wasn't enough for my baby, you were here for us.  I truly believe that you brought comfort, pain relief and peace of mind to both me and my horse.  Our deepest gratitude to you!!!"
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